We are certified specialists who are not only professionals in our field, but also connoisseurs of the individ ual beauty of a human being

Alexandra Salomon

  • Certified hair stylist and hairdresser
  • Master in men’s haircuts and beards
  • Curly hair specialist
  • Colorist
  • Work experience more than 14 years
  • More than 25 continuing education diplomas
  • Pivot Point International Haircut Courses

Alexandra about her work: «There is always enthusiasm in me, and people around do me notice it! When you get to me, I will not only transform your hair, but also will teach you to do your own styling, learn from me about home care options for you hair. I will GO ABOVE AND BEYOND so that you fall in love with your hair! After all, my motto is: every person deserves to be beautiful!»

Diana Duhhov

  • Certified hair stylist and hairdresser
  • Curly hair specialist
  • A master of complex styling: braids, blowdries, special occasion hairdos
  • Haircuts for women, men and children
  • Hair coloring

Diana about her work: «My work is an art, and as in any form of art, precision, accuraciy, shape and lines are basic necessities. I always apply a lot of time and effort into every single work of mine, so that after the procedure is performed, the client surely leaves with bright eyes full of happiness.»

Tatyana Kravtsuk

  • Certified hair stylist and hairdresser
  • Curly hair young specialist
  • Haircuts for women, men and children
  • A master of complex hair coloring

Tatyana about her work: «The work of a hairdresser is a constant self-improvement and training. The hairdresser must be sociable, polite, take into account the tastes of the client, be able to choose the client’s hairstyle according to his image and style. When I do my job with all my soul, it gives joy not only to clients, but I myself get great pleasure!»

Manicure master

Mariya Beatriche Yurgen

  • The hand and foot nail care master
  • Work experience over 5 years
  • Accurate and painless cuticle removal
  • Neatly treated nails and perfect nail coverage

Mariya about her work: «With a great pleasure I am always open to make any creative idea of a nail art. For your convenience it is possible to send a picture of a wanted nail design or we will create it together when we meet.»


Alla-Victoria Mudretsova

  • Cosmetologist-esthetician
  • Medical education
  • Classical and machine cosmetology

Alla-Victoria about her work: «Cosmetology is requiring a serious and professional attitude. I love to work with people. Each client is unique and beautiful in a special way. Since I understand body inner processes, I can help people to resolve different problems and questions. Each client is very important, that is why I choose very carefuly which kind of procedures, cosmetically devices or products to advice or use.
I am concistantly renewing my knowledge to offer most efficient procedures. Outcome is important for me, that is why I recommend what your skin truly needs.»