why desoul code?

Our general principles are the  high level of commitment, honesty, trust and hard work, and the ultimate goal is to visually convey your unique CODE – your soul code, so that you can present yourself to the world genuinely through your appearance.

The Creator has given each person itsindividual prints (papillary patterns) on the fingers and palms, and throughout the world there is not a single person with the same prints as yours. If you had a chance to notice, our logo contains a fingerprint. We support the idea that each human being was born for a reason, and that everyone of us is unique and is not someone else’s copy. The imprint represents a unique code – hence the name itself: “DeSoul Code”, which means “code of the soul.” Like our fingerprint on the logo, your soul is unique! This is what we want to help you uncover, regardless of your circumstances or public perceptions of who you envision yourself to be. We strive to bring this vision to life through our  approach to each personality through the  appearance.

Our mission is to be exceptional in any haircut, as well as in your image as a whole! We will help you feel yourself in a new way, support your self-expression and take a deeper look into your heart!


Feedback from our guests is the best way to learn about the quality of service we provide

Ksenia Vinogradina

Могу с уверенностью сказать, что салон DeSoul Code – это лучшее место, где работают замечательные профессионалы! В особенности хочу отметить своего парикмахера Екатерину и косметолога Аллу-Викторию! Оказавшись у них раз, уже не хочется уходить ❤ Просто потрясающая энергетика, подход к клиенту и получение именно того результата, который желаешь 😊 Всем советую! Однозначно 5 из 5 😊

Marek Bor

Прекрасный салон!

Daria Mieshkova

Мастер Кхелена очень деликатно и аккуратно делает брови, 10 из 10! Сама девушка очень приветливая и внимательная❤️

Our stylists

We are certified specialists who are not only professionals in our field, but also connoisseurs of the individ ual beauty of a human being